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  • Do not upload official releases!

    This tracker is for audience and broadcast recordings. Official recordings (such as B-sides, audio ripped from officially released video, out of print releases) put the site in jeopardy, so please don't upload them.

    We currently make an exception for vinyl releases that are no longer in print.

    We are happy to trade recordings from radio, TV and the web, where such recordings have not been officially released, and alternative sources for shows that have been released (for example, audience recordings) are permitted.

  • Do not upload fanclub CDs!

    The Frenz of the Enz fanclub, over a number of years, have produced over 30 live CDs for their members. Conversations with Peter Green, Fanclub president, regarding bootlegging, raise his major concerns:

    > There already is one Crowded House Bootlegg cd released from material gathered from MP3' the internet.

    This does not benefit Neil Finn, because he does not collect any royalties. Now you might say "well, he doesn't collect any royalties off private trades either", but private trades do not harm an artist in this way. Bootleg CDs released by companies in this fashion harm an artist, and if it continues then the fan club will simply not release any more CDs. Some of the best Crowded House shows ever have only been released as fan club CDs, and if this system were to stop we would lose a very important community asset.

    > One important thing we DO NOT want any MP3's of club cds on the internet, that is an area that we do own full copyright on .....they are purely for club members.....which I'm fairly sure you are aware of anyway.

    With respect to the work and effort that PG puts into promoting the Finns, especially in the area of making these CDs available, Jane Music respects these wishes. Fan Club CDs are NOT WELCOME on Jane Music. Please do not ask for them to be uploaded.

    > yes of course you are fine about being a club member and receiving copies for your own listening pleasure, that is the main reason for the club cds

    However, the owner of Jane Music, as a fan club member, is interested in privately receiving copies of these shows, and trading them with other fan club members. Send a PM to Plug for information.

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  • Do not upload our torrents to other trackers! (See the FAQ for details.)
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    You will only get one warning! After that it's bye bye Kansas!

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  • Once you have downloaded 25GB, there is a minimum share ratio of 0.20 (e.g. 5GB uploaded). This should be no problem if you ensure you are connectable.
  • Low ratios may result in severe consequences, including banning in extreme cases.

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